Modernize Your SOC with This Playbook

Modernize Your SOC with This Playbook

Be Ready for Today’s Evolving Cybersecurity Risks

2020 was a year under siege, from COVID-19 and work-from-home realities to sophisticated supply chain attacks like SolarWinds. Through it all, global network infrastructures have never felt more vulnerable.

This perfect storm – threat actors embracing their own versions of digital transformation, exposed threat vectors from a surge in remote access, and record cryptocurrency prices fueling the ransomware frenzy – is reason enough to begin your SOC transformation plans sooner rather than later.

This playbook outlines:

  • Four immediate steps you can take to improve SOC efficiencies
  • Three security technologies that are key to future-proofing your SOC
  • How these technologies complement and strengthen any SecOps team

Get started on SOC transformation efforts today to harden against tomorrow’s threats.


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