Industrial Connectivity: Mini I/O Connector System

Industrial Connectivity: Mini I/O Connector System

The Industrial Mini I/O connector system is a compact, wire to wire and wire-to-board solution for reliably serial, bus and Ethernet connections in industrial applications.

With only 25% of the size of a conventional RJ45, TE’s Industrial Mini I/O solution allows you to save on valuable boards space. Combined with reduced height, it allows for building very compact DIN rail system modules.

TE’s Industrial Mini I/O solution has been designed for the stringent demands of industrial environments.

High retention of the board connectors, combined with a compact metal latching mechanism prevents accidental pull and/or unmating, reducing potential system down time. Stable connections are guaranteed and unnecessary consequential communication losses are prevented by a contact system with double point of contact, designed to deal with the shock and vibrations common to industrial environments.


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