IDC: You Think Ransomware is Your Only Problem? Think Again.

IDC: You Think Ransomware is Your Only Problem? Think Again.

Organizational leaders think they are ready for a ransomware attack, but the research from this study illustrates that most are not. Too many organizations were forced to pay the ransom, lost data, or took excessively long to recover. Unfortunately, no one knows what they don't know until it's too late. Attacks come in unexpected ways, and cybercriminals have extensive experience in finding vulnerabilities. IT and business leaders need to make a frank, honest assessment regarding their data resilience and cyber-recovery capabilities.

Cloud solutions can prove to be essential tools to modernize data resilience systems. Cloud offers financial flexibility, native protection of cloud apps, simplified operations, and a higher degree of automation than is typical for on-premises deployments. Utilizing data resilience solutions from cloud providers also frees up IT staff to focus on higher-value activities. Although cyberattacks are top of mind for IT and business leaders, they must not forget the day-to-day need for data resilience and disaster recovery. Comprehensive, enterprisewide cloud solutions can save time, optimize cost, and provide the fastest possible recovery when the inevitable happens.


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