How to Improve Global Compliance with Basware E-Invoicing

How to Improve Global Compliance with Basware E-Invoicing

Many companies still have manual invoicing processes based on paper. This often means inefficiency and lack of visibility and control. Luckily this is mostly unnecessary in today’s digital world. E-invoicing, business process automation and digitalization of financial administration are growing global trends as companies increasingly realize their enormous potential.

Talking about inefficiency, companies’ financial processes are heavily regulated around the world and the regulation varies from country to country. Non-compliance is not an option as it could mean substantial penalties and tax issues. On the other hand, compliance is a major burden for any company whether doing business on paper or electronically. Especially for companies doing business in multiple countries, compliance can be a headache.

This whitepaper describes how a global e-invoicing network can help companies to set up and manage efficient, automated and compliant business processes globally while overcoming the enormous complexity and burden of regulatory business process compliance.


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