How to Decide to Build or Buy: A Customer Data Management Checklist

How to Decide to Build or Buy: A Customer Data Management Checklist

Your customer data flows faster each day, which is why collecting, organizing, and doing something meaningful with it is just good business.

But, it can be tough to do.

Stashing data in different places across your organization to come back (hopefully) later is a great way to mismanage or lose it. Squirrels can stash, but enterprises can’t.

You need a customer data platform (CDP). A central command center that securely holds your customer data and lets you organize it according to your goals.

The thing is, what’s best for you? A CDP out-of-the-box? Building a customer data solution yourself? There’s merit in both options, and this webinar is here to help you narrow down what’s best for your business. Acquia, Bounteous, and Appnovation will show you:

  • How a single source for customer data storage can mitigate risk and optimize customer experience
  • How central data governance will help your customer data strategy once the almighty Google takes away cookies
  • The comprehensive CDP build-or-buy checklist + CDP must-haves for your budget
  • First-party data management that keeps your customers' data safe and your business booming

It’s 10 PM, do you know where your data is?


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