Best Practices: Design Guidelines for HP MJF 3D Printing

Best Practices: Design Guidelines for HP MJF 3D Printing

Discover the ins and outs of designing for additive manufacturing to ensure parts and features are printed to specification, including:

  • How to achieve maximum accuracy and optimal appearance
  • How to facilitate the part cleaning process
  • Required tolerances and permissible ranges of variation dimensions
  • Types of fits and design guidelines to help save time in post-processing and assembly operations when designing mating parts
  • Design and post-processing guidelines for printing internal and external threads
  • Threaded inserts that provide a strong, reusable, and permanent thread in plastic parts
  • The two main reasons for bonding parts and why a proper bonding design is critical for success
  • Design considerations, recommendations and calculations for different types of snap-fits
  • How to convert a 3D model into a file for 3D printing, export from CAD, and repair STL files


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