An All-Inclusive Guide to Malicious Evasion Techniques

An All-Inclusive Guide to Malicious Evasion Techniques

Organizations today are up against a sophisticated enemy. Gone are the days where the biggest malware threats were simple “spray and pray” attacks that were generic in content and relatively easy for security providers to identify and block.

Today’s threats are led by state actors, highly resourced criminal gangs, and others dedicated to creating successful attacks.

And it’s not just large businesses that are at risk. Attackers’ leverage is on SMBs not investing heavily in security to penetrate them, either as targets themselves or as a way into more significant, more targeted organizations, such as the SMB’s vendors, customers, or partners.

The fallout from attacks is more consequential than ever before. Mass data breaches and ransomware attacks that last for days can incur significant legal, financial, and reputational damages.

We’ll explore the latest tactics these malicious groups use, specifically when it comes to the techniques they leverage to evade common security solutions. Increasing your knowledge about security threats, common evasion techniques, and the tools available to combat them will enable you to effectively deal with current and future attacks on your business.


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