2021 ESG Report Environmental Social Governance

2021 ESG Report Environmental Social Governance

The company says it is designing and building products and delivering services that allow customers to “decrease their own environmental footprints.”

As part of the “ESG Report,” Pure conducted a product life cycle assessment (LCA) of its portfolio, specifically its FlashArray products. The assessment found that the company’s customers achieve up to 80% reduction in “direct carbon usage by data systems compared to competitive products.”

Pure’s Evergreen on-premises storage subscription model and Pure as-a-Service cloud subscription model are designed to minimize e-waste, extend the service lifetimes of equipment, and reduce storage underutilization. Due in part to these programs, 97% of Pure flash storage arrays purchased six years ago are still in service.

The “ESG Report” also shows several of Pure’s goals to reduce its “own carbon footprint,” through company operations and the use phase of Pure products:

  • 50% intensity reduction in market-based Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per employee from FY20 to FY30
  • Achieve net-zero market-based Scope 1 and 2 emissions by FY40
  • 66% intensity reduction in use of sold products from Scope 3 emissions per effective petabyte shipped from FY20 to FY30

“ure makes a significant and immediate impact today by reducing data center carbon emissions worldwide through our environmental sustainability efforts,” said Charles Giancarlo, chairman and CEO, Pure Storage.


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