The Top 3 Video Marketing Trends Brands Should Not Miss Out On

Video marketing is everywhere. It’s the one digital train that you should not miss, lest you get stuck in Web 2.0. Entire generations – from the zentennial to their grandparental Baby Boomers – are consuming their information in droves. If you want your brand to shine or stand out, then you should be doing at the very least video marketing content on popular social media websites.

The statistics more than bear it out. According to Insider, two years before the pandemic hit, the number of Americans who had watched at least one digital video reached 244.4 million. In another survey, 87% of the participants—all of whom were marketers—confirmed that their digital video marketing campaigns were translating into actual ROIs. That simply means that sales were increasing.

Now wanting to jump on the bandwagon does not necessarily mean one has the capability of doing so. The same survey said that 18% of the marketers acknowledge the importance of digital video marketing, but do not even know where to begin.

This blog is both a basic introduction to that kind of beginning, as well as a heads-up of the video marketing trends that brands should not miss out on. Master the few examples we will discuss below, and your digital video marketing campaigns can accelerate in their progress—even if you are just starting.

Explainer videos are the first marketing videos that marketers develop, and they are still leading the trend in 2023 with good reason. Explainer videos do what they are named after:  they explain your brands in a fun, engaging, and yet very informative way to your customer. Running at an average of three minutes, they are not micro-documentaries, but very interactive infomercials.

Explainer videos are also personalized. For example, a health fitness program might have two different markets: the soccer mom community, and the very active, ambitious millennial professionals. Two different videos can be made for these two markets, each one promoting the same brand but addressing their two different pain points. The language and tone can also be different. One would be more serious and appeal to families, while the other can be edgier and more energetic. But at the end of the day, the same brand and all that it stands for are communicated powerfully to the desired audience.

The TikTok for Creative Business Center is now helping brands and companies build their video marketing arsenal on the very popular platform. This would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago when a lot of marketers back then tended to dismiss TikTok as digital fluff. But the huge reach and popularity of TikTok, along with the way it can analyze user responses, has made businesses rethink their original position.

As to the usual objection that TikTok’s too-short content might not attract decision-makers, the platform supporters have pointed out that those same executives listen to their younger managers who happen to be TikTok buffs.

Then again, the third trend, the rise of the short-form video, can just persuade those so-called serious leaders to finally give TikTok and other 15-seconders a second or third chance. These videos are gaining a lot of traction. Their ingenuity lies in their range:  they can explain the message of a brand in a quarter of a minute, or just give a simple yet appetite-whetting tease that will make the user want more.

The secret weapon of the short-form video is that it subtly asks the user to focus on the present. It asks them to be in the moment while absorbing or watching the video. That 15-seconder promises to make them laugh, see life a different way, or find a solution to their problem—in less than a minute.

It’s not yet too late to start creating engaging videos for your brand, though the market is getting crowded. These three so-called basics are a good way to begin.


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