What Is a Revenue Marketer?

Revenue Marketer

Revenue marketers are the people behind revenue marketing, which is the process of developing repeatable prospecting programs in order to increase the rate of customer acquisition and improve sales. This means that revenue marketers have to be able to predict a return on investment so that the company isn’t wasting time or money on marketing investments.

Revenue marketers have a specific job in the company to identify and  leverage drivers of revenue. They need to work with the marketing team in building project and investment scopes before doing a cost-benefit analysis of the outcomes from those projects.

The revenue engines that revenue marketers build are tied closely with sales. The sales teams follows the revenue marketer’s analysis and planning that are turned into sales goals; they then execute the end-to-end customer acquisition process and makes sure that it works effectively.

What makes for a good revenue marketer

Revenue marketers have a big job in uniting sales, marketing, and finance all in one harmonious concerto. For that to happen, revenue marketers have to have the following traits, as suggested by Debbie Qaqish, the Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz Group.

  1. Team player – Revenue marketers need to be able to work well with different departments, particularly marketing and sales, which don’t always agree. Revenue marketers have to help them meet in the middle and see where each other is coming from. They can help settle differences and instead align each department’s objectives.
  2. Good analysis – Revenue marketing is all about seeing the story in numbers and which of those will lead to a happy ending for the company. They have to be able to rationalize with hard facts what works, what doesn’t and why. Campaigns from both sales and marketing are given a close hard look, evaluating their merits and weaknesses from a logical and financially sound perspective, leaving emotion, passion, and bias out the door.
  3. Good communication skills – A good analysis is well and good, but if you are not able to communicate it well to the top brass, the sales team, and the marketing team, revenue marketers will struggle to make people see why some projects should be approved and why some should be cut.

This role has become more and more critical the more companies progress. The occasional joke that different departments are always at each others’ throats has a basis. Having revenue marketers standing in the gap is a big help for the organization to keep functioning smoothly and efficiently. This means that revenue marketers’ importance will not go away anytime soon.

More importantly, bringing departments together is just the tip of the iceberg. Having revenue marketers in your organization is critical in solving many things companies are struggling with. With revenue marketers, companies can be more aligned with sales. This alignment is critical to CMOs, who believe that sales and marketing relationships should be synergized for revenue marketing transformation.

Companies who have revenue marketers can have their data more streamlined and managed, unlike in settings where without them, data is in disarray and some of them is not being used. As per statistics, only 36% of organizations reported that they were capable with data management in the area of marketing and sales.

With revenue marketers, organizations become stronger, more cohesive, and more efficient. Marketing campaigns can be more directly involved in helping generate sales.

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