How To Write A HARO Pitch That Converts (With Free Templates)

How To Write A HARO Pitch That Converts (With Free Templates)

As a business owner, you seek to increase your brand awareness and promote your products or services. What better way to achieve these objectives than to reach out to journalists? 

Enter journalist outreach. It involves pitching relevant information about your business to journalists to get press coverage. Not only does it boost your media exposure, but it also helps you earn backlinks for online visibility and website traffic.

Here’s the problem: One in four journalists (28%) receive over 100 emails weekly, most of which are irrelevant. As such, they only respond to approximately 3.27% of all pitches received. So, business owners should focus on their pitch relevance to journalists.

In fact, Muck Rack identifies the vital components of a pitch as follows:

  • A topic relevant to the journalist (42%)
  • Content personalized to the journalist (35%)
  • Timeliness (14%)
  • Catchy subject line (4%)
  • Short in length (3%)

If you’re a business owner, digital marketer, or PR professional, you’ve likely heard of HARO (Help a Reporter Out). So how does HARO work? It’s a platform used to connect with journalists by answering their inquiries and providing relevant information for their stories.