The Data Strategy Playbook: A CDO's practical guide to delivering business value

The Data Strategy Playbook

A CDO’s Practical Guide to Delivering Business Value

Ad hoc data and analytics initiatives aren’t enough to create sustainable business success. Chief data officers and data leaders like you need to build a data strategy that drives business growth, fuels innovation, improves your customer experience and much more. You need to align data strategy to business priorities and outcomes.

To do that, you need to democratize data and build a strong culture where every employee understands data as a strategic asset.

The Data Strategy Playbook: A CDO’s Practical Guide to Delivering Business Value will help you create and execute a data strategy mapped to business goals, processes and outcomes.

You’ll learn best practices to:

  • Identify business value opportunities and secure stakeholder commitment
  • Map business outcomes to processes, analytics and data
  • Define metrics to measure data strategy impact on business outcomes
  • Connect technical capabilities to processes and analytics
  • Link organizational and program capabilities to your data strategy