Discover the Future of Business Intelligence on the IBM i

With IBM phasing out WebQuery for i, the search for a robust alternative begins. LANSA BI emerges not merely as a replacement but as an essential upgrade, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of innovation. Seamlessly integrating with Db2 and other data sources, LANSA BI is packed with advanced features that simplify data exploration, visualization, and analysis for business users.

  • Natural Language Query (NLQ): Empower users to ask questions and receive insights using natural language, simplifying data access and analysis.

  • Interactive Reports: Create dynamic, interactive reports that allow users to drill down into data, visualize trends, and uncover actionable insights.

  • Live Dashboards: Access real-time data and metrics through intuitive dashboards, providing instant visibility into key performance indicators.

  • Assisted Insights Generation: Leverage AI-powered analytics to automatically discover patterns, anomalies, and trends in your data, enabling proactive decision-making.

  • Data Stories: Communicate insights effectively with data storytelling capabilities, combining visualizations and narratives to convey compelling business narratives.

Empower Your Business with Embedded Analytics

Bring advanced BI capabilities to your mission-critical applications with LANSA BI. By embedding powerful insights directly into your IBM i applications, you equip your team with real-time decision-making capabilities, enhancing agility and responsiveness in today’s dynamic market.

Ready to enhance your BI capabilities? Watch this webinar recording on Embedding Business Intelligence in IBM i Applications. Gain invaluable insights and witness LANSA BI in action with a live demonstration of its seamless integration and AI-powered features.


Don't let the end of WebQuery hinder your progress. Upgrade to LANSA BI and elevate your business intelligence with embedded analytics.