Revver vs Sharepoint

Why a DMS is superior to a custom-built solution

With constant document challenges, businesses should turn to DMS, instead of custom-built solutions like SharePoint.

Using a document management system (DMS) can be key to facilitating endless document work created within your organization. Why do you need a document management system (DMS)? Why should you choose that over a solution like Sharepoint with its countless integrations?

These are questions that inevitably cross your mind as you evaluate potential solutions to your document problems. Most organizations already have access to SharePoint, use it as a central repository for company files, and naturally wonder if they can configure it to serve as their default DMS. While that is a fair question, SharePoint just doesn’t have the full functionality that comprehensive DMS have.


Download the infographic to learn the top reasons why custom-built solutions, like Sharepoint, can't compare to a all-in-one DMS, Revver.