IDC Snapshot of Midmarket Guide to Growth report for Learning and Talent

Five Tips to Increase Workplace Productivity

Placing the right talent in the right role at the right time is key to successful workforce management – and it is becoming more crucial by the day. Thankfully there are ways to keep pace during this time of change and overcome the workforce obstacles faced by many organizations.

The most recent IDC Snapshot, sponsored by SAP, reveals new insights into how some growth-focused organizations handle times of disruption. By investing in improved employee experiences through upskilling and reskilling initiatives, HR leaders are driving peak performance while building the agility needed for future success.

Here’s five ways your organization can be ready for the future of work:

  1. Establish a culture of personalized learning
  2. Align career goals with business goals 
  3. Assess skill gaps in your workforce
  4. Consider a cross-skilling initiative
  5. Keep improving 

Read the IDC Snapshot to learn how a unified approach to learning and development can help your employees and your organization grow. With upskilling and reskilling programs, you can empower your workforce of today to meet the talent needs of tomorrow.