Advancing model risk management with emerging tech

Advancing model risk management with emerging tech

Implementing emerging tech with peace of mind

The breadth and type of model usage –– and the definition of what a model is –– continues to evolve as models become more critical to the business operations of financial institutions. More users and advanced capabilities often increase the burden on business models, from known anti-financial crime models like anti-money laundering (AML) to model risk management (MRM) tools. Leveraging powerful tech, like AI, to automate compliance tasks and keep pace with regulatory requirements can help save you time so you can focus on higher-level organizational risk challenges.

Read “Advancing model risk management with emerging tech” to learn how you can help build a roadmap to MRM success by:

  • Considering how to leverage responsible AI practices in model governance
  • Understanding four of the most common MRM pitfalls and their corresponding solutions
  • Implementing a well-controlled and efficient MRM program with people, processes and technology

Even complex models can become clearer to stakeholders through standardized and
enhanced documentation and automation. Find out how you can help protect your organization during model development, improving efficiency throughout the process and enabling regulatory compliance at each turn.