Cyber-ready—today and for tomorrow

Cyber-ready—today and for tomorrow 

Why your cyber security may be outdated 

A sense of cyber-urgency has seized the public and private sectors. Cyber threats jumped to CEOs’ number one concern in the US, and number two globally, according to our 24th Annual CEO Survey. These CEOs are putting their money where their worries are, but are they putting it in the right place? 

Read "Cyber-ready — today and for tomorrow" to learn: 

  •  Why companies are spending more on cybersecurity and privacy than ever before 
  •  How businesses and other organizations are allocating resources in people, processes (governance)     and technology 
  •  What it means to be cyber-ready, with key findings from our survey 

Given the unpredictable nature of cyber attacks, your organization should stop fighting past battles. Instead, it needs to get the basics right, establish a foundation and position itself with the agility to react to new and unexpected threats. This is what it means to be cyber-ready.