Tableau GPT: Innovate for the Future With Generative AI

Tableau GPT: Innovate for the Future With Generative AI

Learn how Tableau is leveraging generative AI to reimagine the future of data analysis and insight consumption at scale—so every person can unlock key business insights faster and smarter.

In this webinar, you'll see how Tableau’s major AI innovations—Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse—enables users with a conversational analytics experience that feels like a Q&A to optimise how you unlock insights and make business decisions.

Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse lowers the barrier to data by predicting users’ questions, providing insights in plain language, and delivering a newsfeed experience of key insights directly into your flow of work.

Register now to learn how generative AI with Tableau will help you:

  • Unlock business insights fast—even if you have no technical data skills
  • Ask and answer questions via a conversational analytics experience
  • Get smart, personalised insights delivered directly to your flow of work
  • Automate data analysis, prep and governance with a trusted, ethical foundation

Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse will be generally available Spring '24.