Security simplified: A Step by Step Guide to Mitigating Cyber Risk in the Business

Security simplified: A Step by Step Guide to Mitigating Cyber Risk in the Business

The way that small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) operate has changed. Productivity has reached levels once only dreamed of, with cloud computing, online collaboration tools and remote work policies now commonplace. But on the other side of the coin are wider attack surfaces and increased cyber risk- things that can prove costly, even fatal, for negligent businesses.

Much of the risk that SMBs have assumed was triggered by the pandemic when business operations flipped 180. In their scramble to limit lockdown impacts, many organizations sanctioned remote working in the absence of security controls. And considering employees who are new to remote working pose a high security risk', this was an unsettling trend.

Cloud adoption also rocketed and is now essential to compete in modern markets where speed and scale are king. SMBS are in fact the cloud's fastest adopters2, and this means data moves rapidly through their ecosystems where it can be lost or stolen.

Digital transformation, then, has made cyberattacks and data breaches more likely. However, with the appropriate knowledge you can apply affordable defenses that will prevent your business becoming another statistic.

For example, do you know...

  • Which government regulations you must comply with?
  • If your passwords are being shared with "trusted" third parties?
  • If personally identifiable information (PII) is loose in your public cloud?
  • If your software is patched and up to date?

If not, there is room for improvement - but don't panic. In this handbook you'll learn how and why your business is vulnerable before discovering tips, tricks and solutions to secure it.