Rapid deployment, consistent results and scalability — as much as these are important for modern commercial enterprises, they can mean the difference between mission success or failure for Department of Defense service members.

The DoD has committed itself to modernization across the force. This modernization encompasses IT systems to support warfighter needs. As with any change, there are challenges that military organizations face when seeking to transform their enterprise systems. Automation is able to simultaneously address the need for modernization while providing the ability to scale that modernization across the enterprise at a pace previously unattainable. However, there are still challenges for military organizations seeking to transform, modernize and automate their infrastructure.

The ability to leverage key technology partners and bring expert-level architecture and integrations capabilities makes the automation space one that only a small number of companies are able to successfully tackle, especially when you are working with the DoD. Even fewer truly understand the needs of the DoD compared to a private enterprise.