Zebra Defends its Attack Surface From all Angles with HackerOne

As a world leader in digital products, solutions, and software, Zebra Technologies enables businesses of all sizes to connect data, assets, and people intelligently. With a mission to scale, Zebra turned to HackerOne to help the company shift left by moving security checks as early and as often in the software development life cycle (SDLC) as possible. The end goal? To defend and arm its security program from every angle.

“We have been on a mission to transition from being a hardware company to also providing software and services for our customers. Certainly, that changes one’s security lens. It’s a completely different environment to have cloud-based, retail execution software available for enterprise-level organizations compared to having hardware-based printers installed and operated by the customer. We realized we needed to evolve ourselves and our security program to enable this transformation.”
            - From Mike Zachman, Chief Security Officer, Zebra

Learn how Zebra Technologies leveraged the HackerOne Platform to improve customer trust, gain more robust coverage for rogue digital assets, increase oversight and confidence in security, and achieve revenue growth.