Cohort Learning in the Age of AI

Cohort Learning in the Age of AI

Today’s workers need their organizations to help them navigate their world at work in the face of extreme uncertainty and change. Socioeconomic trends, including automation, changing demographics, and increased social polarization, are at once splintering society, and creating profound new challenges and opportunities for L&D.

The rise of generative AI applications at work is accelerating these forces.

From the perspective of workplace productivity, generative AI is transforming the world of work. Through automation and augmentation, generative AI will make repetitive tasks less common and make cerebral and demanding jobs more common. It also will create new and differentiated roles, such as AI ethicists, AI governance strategists, human-machine teaming specialists, and prompt engineers.

Download this ebook by NovoEd and Executive Networks — Cohort Learning in the Age of AI — to learn how online cohort-based learning is uniquely suited to developing future-focused capabilities while bringing the texture, dynamism, and weight of in-person human interaction into remote and hybrid contexts. In this ebook, you will:

  • See the 5 key findings of our survey of learning leaders: Their expectations for learning experiences, capability needs, and the future of work
  • Read about how they are already using generative AI in their daily work
  • Get a case study from an international hospitality enterprise on how it’s driving consistency and access in global frontline leadership development
  • Pick up 5 key action items you can take to further connection and performance in the Age of AI


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