Building a Bank for the People

Building a Bank for the People

Be the bank your customer wants you to be

No other industry faces the unique set of challenges that financial services organisations do.

While almost every business today aims to attract and retain customers with new products and services, innovation in the financial sector is often thwarted because of risk management constraints.

And while many businesses look at disruption as a way to shift the dynamics of a market, the financial sector is wary of such a move due to the weight and complexity of regulatory compliance.

To compound this dilemma, the traditional banking model is increasingly out of sync with the needs of today’s customer. Trust has diminished, consumer confidence has dropped, and the arrival of fintech challengers has awoken the public to new possibilities and better experiences.

The customer today wants more than a secure place to save money or take out a mortgage. They want products that serve them better. They want relevance. They want anytime, anywhere accessibility. They want services that empower their lives effortlessly and make a difference to society as a whole.

Complex as it is for traditional banks to adjust to the digital world, the need for innovation and disruption is vital. These are the drivers needed to spark fresh interest, awaken new demand, and establish brand values that are more aligned to the needs of today’s customer.

They can also be the catalyst for a new kind of financial system, one that’s more accessible to everyone, regardless of standards of living, income or geographic location.

Innovating, delivering better customer experiences, and doing the right thing are not just nice-to-haves for banks today. Good products, good service and good ethics are good business.