Generative AI

Embedding Generative AI and Advanced Search into your Apps with MongoDB

When all of your competitors have access to Generative AI, your “superpower” differentiation comes from augmenting the underlying Large Language Models (LLMs) with your own well managed data. But even this on its own isn’t enough. You also need to consider how to deliver your AI-enriched apps with the right security controls in place, and at the scale and performance users expect.

In this paper, we show you how you can achieve these goals with MongoDB Atlas to build three AI-enriched apps:

  • Chatbot and Q-A for customer self-service.
  • Advanced ecommerce search and user recommendations.
  • Rich media (multimodal) analysis and generation.

We will step through each use case in turn, showing an architectural design pattern along with the essential capabilities every developer needs to harness AI and advanced search.