Are You Using a Matching and Hiring Platform To Attract New Talent? Here’s Why You Should Be

Are You Using a Matching and Hiring Platform To Attract New Talent?  Here’s Why You Should Be

Hoping to Hire the Best and Brightest? A Job Site Isn’t Enough.
There’s a glut of job sites in the marketplace, and they all claim to help companies find the right talent, in the right place, at the right time. But most have not adapted to the changes in the hiring world over the past three years. Today’s hiring managers need more than just a place to list job openings, buy online ads, and search for candidates. They need an automated end-to-end solution that is easy to use, technology driven, and improves as you use it. They want value-added services that work with the tools they already have. And they deserve a pricing model that provides choice and is closely aligned with the value delivered by the solution.

Candidate matching is critical to any hiring platform. After all, in order to fill an open position, you need applicants that meet the specific qualifications for the role. Companies also want simple solutions that are easy to use and budget for. In short, they need a single platform that offers everything from job-posting tips to advice on vetting applicants, automated processes for scheduling and holding interviews, and workflows that stretch from recruiting to onboarding, and integrate with other HR software.