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Accounting software plugs your financial leaks
How Accounting Software Can Plug your Financial Leaks
Accounting software is important to any business that wants to keep track of their financial data so...
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Automation helps economy re-open
How Automation Helps in the Re-opening of the Economy
Companies have started reopening after the large-scale shutdowns required by the COVID 19 pandemic. Many...
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Email marketing helps in business recovery
How Email Marketing Assists in your Business Recovery
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unparalleled circumstances that have called for businesses alike...
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FinTech jumpstarts the economy
How FinTech Can Jumpstart the Economy
COVID has caused a massive disruption in world economies. Most of the hardest hit by the pandemic are...
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Social Listening Tools
Why Social Listening Tools Are Important for Business Recovery
It’s the tail end of 2020 already, and the economy is re-opening even though the COVID-19 pandemic is...
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Robotic Process Automation, RPA
What Is RPA and its Role in Economic Recovery
COVID-19 had been a challenge to many businesses as it challenged organizations to adapt or die. Pre-COVID...
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Conversion Optimization Tools
3 Conversion Optimization Tools that Turn Visitors Into Leads
For many businesses, technology has become more accessible as an enabler that can help even the smallest...
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Marketing analytics boosts your business objectives
How Marketing Analytics Can Help Boost your Business Objectives
As COVID-19 continues to cause havoc in economies and societies, businesses have shifted their focus...
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CRM loosens sales bottlenecks
How CRM Can Loosen Your Sales Bottlenecks
COVID-19 has changed the business environment for many economies worldwide. According to a special report...
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Reduce Your Manpower Costs
How HR Solutions Can Reduce Your Manpower Costs
Nowadays, the resourcefulness of companies is being challenged as lockdowns and shutdowns spread across...
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How Financial Management Software Can Build your Business Resilience
The rapid global outbreak of COVID-19 has left a significant impact not only on human health but also...
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Digital Marketing
How Digital Marketing Can Make Your Business Resilient
Many companies have become digital savvy enough to have their online presence on various platforms from...
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