3 Smart Ways How ChatGPT Can Help in SMB’s Marketing

As soon as ChatGPT was released to the public in 2022, a lot of people and groups started envisioning AI-generated apocalypses. If there had been disquiet before about artificial intelligence and related systems replacing human beings, especially when it comes to skill and work, ChatGPT restarted the conversation on a whole new higher level.

The one thing that triggered the fear was the rapid deployment of AI and the equally faster adoption of its target public. The numbers that Statista gave in comparing ChatGPT with other more popular software during their respective launches were mind-boggling:  while it took Netflix 3.5 years to reach one million users, Facebook a mere 10 months, and Spotify an even shorter five months, this particular AI only took — watch this! — just five days.

Smart and fast

The other thing that scared a lot of cyber-users was that ChatGPT was incredibly smart. Think of it as a mixture of a chatbot and a Google search engine that has a tremendously fast turnaround time. In spewing out answers to questions, it took into consideration context and nuances and gave them in correct grammatical sentences with a very polite tone. It also admitted that it made mistakes, but learned from them, and asked the users to double-check its answers.

In short, put ChatGPT into the body of an android and gave it voice mechanisms to speak out its responses, and we’d be looking into a robot with near-human intelligence.

What also scared a lot of workers in the IT world was the threat that ChatGPT posed. It could write code, and write and ideate content. The nightmare of the AI replacing human workers was becoming more real.

Until ChatGPT laid these worries to rest. While it could write articles, the facts and the messages still need to be screened;  the AI is more of a content aggregator who can develop responses based on the information it can gather up to 2021. It can create a blog outline but not a blog. It can suggest ideas for scripts but not write one.

Once these became clear, many of these professionals found themselves experiencing relief.

Marketing tool

Businessmen also discovered that ChatGPT could help them in their marketing efforts without replacing the human marketers who would still need to create the campaigns and guide the AI in making the necessary content to support them.

Here are three ways by which ChatGPT can help small businesses boost their marketing and other promotional projects:

1)Blog and social media posts –  The human marketer can ask ChatGPT to create drafts of blogs and social media posts by giving them specific keywords. The AI can then do its research and suggest the trends that the human marketer’s audience is looking for. It can include in its posts the topics and themes that are popular at that time. Once the first drafts have been created, all the human marketer needs to do is edit—and even improvise.

2) Automate customer service – Chatbots have become part of many websites and social media pages, answering very simple questions especially when it comes to sales and taking orders. They normally act like live FAQS, responding to inquiries about orders, time of deliveries, and product prices. ChatGPT can be deployed and programmed a step further to resolve more complicated issues in a more human-sounding way (which might be able to placate irate customers). It can also personalize the usual automated answers to questions while sounding diplomatic enough in addressing the inappropriate requests or queries of some customers.

3) Generate customer surveys – Chat GPT can be used to generate numerous customer surveys that can measure the pulse of the market, especially when it comes to their review of a product; their opinion of the brand; and their feedback on customer service, among others.  This is one effective and fast way to determine if the business’s marketing campaign is working or not. The results of the survey can also steer the marketer into further tweaking and refining said the campaign to better suit the target market.

ChatGPT is here to stay. While it is running circles around search engines when it comes to delivering creative answers, it is nowhere near developing the creativity that both companies and their audience want from marketers. Ultimately, AI is a friendly tool and a valuable resource, and not an enemy lurking to replace humankind from the cyber-shadows.


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